10% discount coupon? Scan your mobile phone here please....

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I’ve been thinking about the impact of the recession on various parts of the mobile industry and last week I was alerted to a press release about mobile marketing company MOGfise.com, based in Kansas City. This quote leapt out of the page (well OK ... screen) at me: “Our tough economy has consumers seeking bargains and businesses seeking cheap, effective ways to market themselves,” said Robert West owner of MOGfise LLC.

Robert’s views are entirely in tune with mine on this and mobile coupons stand out in the mobile commerce market as one of the biggest winners of the current global recession.

In fact, we are forecasting that the redemption value of mobile coupons will increase by over 30% by 2010. The twin effects of shoppers needing to make economies in their spending or on the look out for a bargain and merchants ever keen to make sales will combine to have a very positive impact on the overall demand for mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons are attractive to both consumers and vendors as they can be targeted at specific groups of customers and can be matched against particular interests and purchasing patterns, as opposed to the vanilla approach where “everybody gets every coupon” as in the traditional paper model.

I think that merchants will see targeted, quick one-to-one marketing campaigns via mobile coupons as a valuable marketing weapon. Considering that mobile coupons offer much better redemption rates and are more cost effective, they represent a win-win approach for innovative retailers. Companies such as MOGfise.com, Eagle Eye Solutions and Cellfire are already active in this space.

With your phone already prioritised as the item you won’t leave home without, this is just another example of what an essential role they play in our lives. Let me think....payments, tickets, coupons, messaging, music player, radio, satnav, web, games, TV, entertainment, organiser, and....and....well you get the message. By the way, you can also make phone calls!