Protect Your Smartphones & Tablets!

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Today, mobile security is becoming as essential on your handheld as it is on your desktop or notebook computer. Having seen the increasing popularity of smartphones, security is particularly relevant as many of us are now accustomed to accessing e-mails, websites and performing online transactions on the move, thereby storing more and more potentially sensitive data. Similarly as both consumer and enterprise adoption of tablets has risen following the success of Apple’s iPad, there is a pressing need to provide security solutions for your devices. Our research found that as the vulnerability of data centric mobile devices becomes more widely appreciated both in the business and consumer sectors, the market for mobile security products will go main stream by late 2013. High-profile security alerts are likely to heighten the public's awareness of this growing issue. As we discuss in our new report Mobile Security Opportunities, just as consumers currently purchase and install Internet security products for their PCs and laptops; they will begin to include mobile devices to the list of electronic devices that they must secure. Consequently, by 2016 we believe that the increasing extent to which personal and corporate data is stored on mobile devices and the recognition of the need to protect it will create a $3.6 billion opportunity for mobile security software providers. Our ‘Securing & Protecting a Mobile Future’ whitepaper is now available to download from here…