Mobile Shopping with Citi Shopper

POSTED BY Global Administrator
The new app from Citi Cards lets you browse for deals and promotions at major local and online retailers, view your Citi Card rewards and benefits,  search for products and view details, availability and a map to the nearest location. In future with the addition of PayPass contactless stickers you'll be able to pay too, but at the moment paying is the only thing you can't do with the app. So it's more of a shopping helper or buddy just now but very likely to develop further. And, really, you'd want to be able to actually pay for that product that you've carefully searched for and located at the best price. So this is another example of the way that mobile is impacting our bricks and mortar shopping experience. Yes, I think that with apps like this and from other companies like eBay, Amazon, and many a retailer are going to drive people buying gifts, books and other physical goods by mobile. Of course, it's not all fine for every retailer though. Imagine, you've found that hi-fi you've been after, you're actually at the shop to buy it but you check the price quickly and find it cheaper a mile away... well I guess you could have done that from home by phone or online, but more and more the mobile's going to be a shopping tool with a role to play.