How Safe Is Your Mobile Device?

POSTED BY Global Administrator
According to a recent report from Trusteer, the company estimated that almost 1 in 20 mobile devices of various families will be infected with financial malware in the next 12 months - worrying numbers? Very much indeed – as per our research on the same we believe currently less than 1 in 20 smartphones and tablets have security applications installed in them. This is despite a steady increase in threats from device loss/theft, malwares and viruses. As I mentioned in an earlier blog regarding mobile security, a series of high-profile security alerts are likely to add to the public’s awareness of this growing issue. And the recent phone hacking scandal in Britain regarding the tabloid News of the World has indeed heightened the concern that consumers have regarding their privacy and device security. As organisations and businesses are spending more on mobile devices for business purposes to improve their employee’s productivity, security applications needs to become a critical part of all enterprise policy. There is an immediate need for businesses to secure company applications and sensitive corporate data. There is also a need to market and create awareness about mobile security issues and threats amongst both enterprise users and consumers equally. The presence of security suites has been a common practice with laptops and PC’s, but the situation is radically different for smartphones or tablets where the concern for a secured and safe environment was brought forward more recently. Juniper Research along with ESET participated in a Webcast addressing the Mobile Device Security: Trends, Threats and Solutions for Business earlier this week and the recorded webcast can be accessed from here.