Windows Phone 7- Is Microsoft an OS contender again?

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Despite Android and Apple OS showing a healthy lead, the smartphone OS wars could still shape up to be pretty interesting. Windows Phone 7 seems to have signed up several manufacturers to the new platform. Dell, HTC, Asus, LG and Samsung are all said to be trying out the new operating system, which, by all accounts, is a complete overhaul of the Windows mobile platform. No doubt some  of these will be looking at its potential for the tablet market as well.

One interesting thing here will be how the somewhat limited ability to make changes to the interface will go down with some handset manufacturers, which are now used to being able to customise the interface with Android. Indeed customisation is at the centre of HTC’s user “experience” it calls Sense.

Microsoft also appears keen to use Windows Phone 7 to further its ambitions to develop cloud computing. The operating system comes complete with an associated web site for file sharing, storage of photos and viewing calendars and contacts. Indeed the Windows Phone Live site offers 25GB of free SkyDrive storage.

So how will Microsoft entice applications developers away from Android and Apple’s operating system? A host of incentives should do the trick, with trial handsets, funding, even revenue guarantees for apps which do not sell in the app store all playing their role.

And it looks as if Windows Phone 7 could beat two important operating systems that are due to reach the market before the end of the year- Meego (open source, but backed by Nokia and Intel) and Research in Motion’s new OS. Microsoft is already offering technical previews and in-house trials- not only that but prototypes devices are now being issued to the likes of LG and Samsung.