Mobile banking - global phenomenon?

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Well, the overwhelming answer to my question has got to be - yes! In our new report on Mobile Banking Strategies  just published we give much more detail to support this "one word" answer. The report includes the results of the Juniper Mobile Banking Technology Strategies Survey of 77 banks across all regions which determined the popularity of SMS, mobile browser, smartphone apps including iPhone and Android and other apps such as Java.

Over 80% of the banks that we surveyed offer some form of mobile banking service. The service could be anything from a simple account balance text alert, right up to a sophisticated smartphone app or mobile web service that enables transactions such as inter account transfers and bill payments.

The message (like the pun?!) is that, in developed markets primarily, banks are using the mobile channel to add an extra method of communication with their customers. But actually it's not just an extra channel. In fact if banks treat mobile entirely as just an extra channel - essentially replicating online banking on a mobile device and merely target online customers as a result - then they're missing a trick, in my view.

I think that they should target mobile banking services more widely to capture the segment of the population that doesn't use online but does organise their lives with their mobile devices. It's a similar situation to fixed vs. mobile phone subscribers. There's a growing number of mobile-only subscribers. I'd expect banking to develop in the same way.

By the way, to see a well-developed mobile banking offering, take a look at Wells Fargo. They've just launched 3 new apps this week - Android, BlackBerry and Palm to add to their iPhone/iPod Touch app, plus they have SMS and mobile web choices for their customers too. Cool.