Free lunches for all!

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Well yes it’s true this time: the founders of WOW Deal (strap line – “It’s the Mobile Coupon Superhero!”) want everyone in the USA to be given a free lunch or dinner from a friend. It works like this. Lunch mobile coupons are delivered at 10am and expire at 2pm. In between all you do is pitch up, show your coupon to the restaurant and it’s bon appétit to you both.

With sign up via Facebook, Twitter and SMS, this service could be a winner. It’s due to launch on 1st August.  

Mobile coupons make so much sense. The campaign can be targeted, time-limited to trigger an instant decision, easy to redeem in store and of course they’re environmentally friendly.

Contrast this list with paper coupons. They’re vanilla flavour – one type for all. You don’t have to decide whether to use them by a certain time, so you might not decide at all. True they’re getting easier to redeem because of bar codes, but from an environmental perspective they do use paper even if it happens to be produced from recycled material.

So all in all, it’s no great surprise if I now say that redemption rates from paper coupons are typically 1%, but from a targeted mobile campaign can be – well I’ve seen figures well into double digit percentages!

As NFC gets rolled of course, we’ll have NFC coupons which will be even cooler.