Crunching the app store numbers...

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A few more numbers to crunch today, starting with 1.5 billion, that being the number of downloads from the App Store since it launched just under a year ago.

That is a serious amount of business.

Although a large majority of these are free to download, the number of paid for applications is dwarfing the competition, both from the operator portals and from the rival storefront managers who are frantically trying to play catch-up.

And yet, in amongst the tier 1 operators and global vendors, it is a comparatively unsung hero of the app store world – GetJar – which has clocked out the second-highest number of downloads, yesterday announcing that it had passed the half billion cumulative download mark.

Having launched in 2004, the Lithuania-based GetJar is effectively a hoary old veteran of the app store world, but given the limited marketing ammunition at its disposal compared with the serious firepower from Apple, RIM, Nokia et al, the company has done remarkably well to accelerate its rate of growth: 100 million of those downloads have come in the past four months or so.

Have some more numbers, courtesy of Apple: 65,000 applications in-store and 100,000 developers in the iPhone Developer Program.

Now, while the former figure does rather put the 1,400 on offer on the beta version of the LG Application Store (which went live in Asia earlier in the week) in the shade, it should be pointed out that this is nearly twice the number that were available on the App Store when it launched: that said, LG only envisages this total rising to 2,000 by the end of the year (in the equivalent timeframe, the App Store had 10,000 and rising fast).

As for the latter figure, well, again the competition is busily attempting to ensure that it has a substantial proportion of the developer community on board, although in this regard (at least in terms of registered developers) GetJar continues to lead the way with 280,000 on its books.

And soon there will be some more app store numbers to crunch – Microsoft is rolling out the Windows Mobile Market on July 27 in 29 markets: the service will be available for handsets running Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5.

Meanwhile, as the competing app stores keep rolling out, Apple will doubtless proceed serenely on and hit the 2 billion download mark by early November…