Airvana says femtocells to take off next year

POSTED BY Global Administrator

This week femtocell vendor Airvana has published its results and made positive comments about the future, in particular for Femtocells. President and CEO, Randy Battat said “We expect to see additional femtocell trials and initial commercial shipments during the second half of 2009, and we have signed contracts and a solid pipeline for volume deployments in 2010.”

This confirms all the positive news we’ve heard over the last 2 months, including the Vodafone Access Gateway launch and other important developments. In fact the only less than positive news I’ve seen comes from New Zealand, where there has been a report that Femtocells aren’t on the agenda at the moment.

Thinking about this though, and Vodafone’s use of the word “Gateway” brings me to suggest that in future Femtocells will be just part of an integrated home connectivity solution that includes the router and other connectivity?

The Femtocells we’re seeing at this stage of the market are following exactly the same trend as other technology enhancements like TV set top boxes and mobile broadband. Both are heading towards integration and I expect Femtocells to do the same. Anyone think differently? I’d welcome views.