Wearable Tech is ‘KING’ at the CES 2014

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
At the International CES this year, so far we have seen Transformers director Michael Bay walk off stage after a teleprompter failure, bendable TVs, Connected Fridge and Washing Machine, 3D Food Printers, Smart Tennis Racquets and most importantly a million (not literally, but yes I lost count!) wearable device launches and announcements. Yes, I am back to my favourite topic once again this New Year – Wearable Technology! In our recent Top 10 Digital & Mobile Trends for 2014 press release, Juniper Research announced 2014 as the watershed year for wearable devices, both in terms of roll outs and market traction. Well, a week and a half into 2014, this prediction by Juniper seems to be true as wearables are indeed the hottest tech in Las Vegas. Everybody wants to get into this next growth sector so much that the market has become a crowded affair already. However, one must not forget that tech gadgets come and go during events such as the CES and MWC; some of these devices will never again see the light of day. So the question really is with wearable devices capturing the imagination of the general public, what does it take for these devices to go mainstream? Our recent research notes that for wearables to achieve critical mass, they should not just be complementary devices or secondary screens. These devices would need to incorporate intuitive and user-friendly functionalities and capture the imaginations of the general public making technology seamless to their routine. Only then will players ranging from Sony and Samsung to Fitbit and Qualcomm be able to unravel the $20 billion revenue opportunity by 2018.