Take Note: One Million Samsung Super-Sized Smartphones Worldwide

POSTED BY Global Administrator
A few months ago I blogged on a new smartphone (or whatever the journalist of your choice called it) from Samsung: the Galaxy Note. While the press continue to wrangle with a form-factor definition (“phablet” is my current personal favourite), Samsung has announced the device has sold one million units worldwide. The company has taken to announcing these milestones (10 million Galaxy S II were sold as of September 2011) as opposed to total volumes for the quarter, as is tradition. With intense, but friendly competition between the two (don’t forget Samsung are a supplier of components for Apple’s iPhone) one can’t help but wonder if this change in the way the Korea-based giant announces its sales is a clever media tactic to compete with Apple. After all, the quarterly announcement of Apple’s smartphone volumes is focused in on one device, the iPhone. While quarterly results to us analysts are meat and drink, for the average consumer quarterly results can be a bit of a snore. That is, unless it’s Apple. And that’s why we think Samsung is playing this game. Even if you are not a consumer who is in the market for a premium smartphone – like an iPhone 4S or Galaxy Note – then you will still want to buy a brand that has them, and that are popular. Smartphones are now very much confirmed as a status item: you are what you call on. By releasing these media-friendly tit-bits, Samsung is identifying its brand firmly with a premium phone that is selling in volumes. And you can find just how many premium ($400 plus) and standard ($151-$399) smartphones are being shipped, and will ship in the near future in our report, Smartphone Evolution Strategies…