T-Mobile Commits to HSPA+

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After its proposed merger with AT&T was quashed by both - the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the US Department of Justice, T-Mobile has moved on and announced its plans for 2012 at the CES. The exact words of T-Mobile’s CEO and President Philipp Humm were: “We are here, in fighting shape, and we will compete aggressively to win and retain customers by delivering compelling 4G services--all at a great value”., The US carrier announced that, while the other three big network operators – (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint) have all committed to LTE and LTE-A, T-Mobile will in fact commit itself to its HSPA+ 4G network - doubling its network speed and enabling faster data rates for its customers in 175 markets.

The fact that the ITU allowed HSPA+ to be included in the 4G family has provided some succour to T-Mobile. Now, it has been reported that T-Mobile’s network speed actually matches that off Verizon’s LTE network. So does this mean T-Mobile is offering similar (LTE) speed as that of Verizon to its customer at a cheap rate? If yes, what else a customer would need? Ultimately, customers require faster data access – they do not really care if the operator calls it 3G, 3.5G, 3.9G or LTE.

And, as a consolation prize from AT&T, T-Mobile will be receiving a payment of $3 billion along with a seven-year roaming deal. T-Mobile will use this payment towards its debts and to top it up, the operator will be provided with $1 billion worth of AWS (Advanced Wireless Spectrum), in some 128 market areas, including 12 of the top 20 markets. OK, so is that all for T-Mobile? Far from it – the main news for the day is that Apple’s next chipset will be supporting AWS. So this could mean T-Mobile will soon get an iPhone on their network – well if that is not enough for the operator to keep their customers happy and simultaneously compete in this fierce market, what else could?