What’s Hot at CES 2010?

POSTED BY Global Administrator
In a show as large and diverse as CES it can be difficult to see the big picture and pick out the main trends . . . well here is one opinion . . .  1. 3D TV - 3D TV was big news at CES with product announcements coming thick and fast throughout the show from all the major TV vendors. The vast Sony booth offered viewing areas for 3D games – whilst not quite the cinematic experience we are getting used to it was nonetheless very effective.  Of particular interest was the first full HD twin lens 3D TV camera from Panasonic – a snip at a rumoured $21,000 . . . maybe a sign of things to come if the price can be brought down significantly. 2. IP TV - A number of the event’s ‘super-sessions’ were dedicated to Web TV, with CNet dedicating their annual ‘The Next Big Thing’ panel to this area.  In terms of announcements, a number of vendors displayed new products. Microsoft revealed their Mediaroom 2.0 platform which will allow service providers to deliver TV services to multiple platforms including PCs (Windows 7 enabled), set top boxes, Apple Macs and Xbox 360 consoles . . . and in the not too distant future, mobile devices. 3. New PC form factors - Announcements of new netbooks and their derivatives were plenty . . . HP and Dell led the field with their ‘slate’ devices.  This category seems to be fragmenting at the moment . . . and possibly needs some clarification -  ‘tablets’ appear to refer to mobile computers with touch screens or stylus, ‘Nettops’ - small, low wattage, web connected PCs designed for family use, potentially attached to a fridge door, and advanced Netbooks are a combination of Smartphones and Netbooks. Do we really need all these combinations I ask myself? Other themes in the show included new e-readers, home energy management devices and anything ‘green’. Smartphones and Apps featured strongly throughout the show but there were not many announcements of note . . . maybe everyone is waiting for Mobile Congress next month . . . see you there!