Steve Ballmer sets the pace at CES 2010

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off CES 2010 this evening with an impressive keynote speech to a packed audience of Consumer Electronics executives and press.

After a delayed start due to technical glitches Steve gave a wide ranging appraisal of Microsoft’s ever growing multi-platform offering – ranging from Windows 7 through to Bing, Zune, PC-TV LBS and Xbox 360.

Supported by giant multimedia screens, live product demos, video segments and even dry ice at one point the Microsoft show ably demonstrated how the company was finally getting its act together with an integrated multi-media and multi-platform strategy.

The upcoming thin ‘slate’ PC form factors looked impressively sleek as did the demo of the new PC TV application – integrating video, web browsing and TV.

However, what really stole the show for me was Microsoft’s ‘Project Natal’ – think Wii movement control but far-far better! Responding to whole body movements - for sports games or the like, or finer hand movements to control screen objects Project Natal will certainly be a game changer.  If the final product is half as good as what we saw tonight I predict a mad rush for this product next Christmas – get your order in early!