Mobile commerce - developing fast

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In my last blog of 2009, I concluded that some retailers and merchants have yet to latch on to the potential of the mobile and integrate it into their marketing strategy. Well, the news from eBay should encourage them to sit up and take notice. To quote eBay - "some recent mobile transactions in the US include:

$19,108 for a 23-foot deck boat

$10,025 for 250 grams of pure gold bullion

$10,000 for a Boston grand piano made by Steinway

$3,888 for a Hermes Kelly bag"

eBay said that users from more than 165 countries visited the eBay mobile Web site and 1.5 million items were bought on eBay using mobile phones worldwide over the holiday season.

Aside from asking yourself if you'd buy such large items using a mobile device - the message from eBay's news here is that mobile commerce is developing fast.

To help drive traction though, coupons have a role to play as part of the strategy.

People generally need some form of incentive to change their behaviour, especially if it's a major change like how they make their purchases. At Juniper Research, we see significant take-up for mobile coupons in future.

My view is that having a global name like eBay making such progress is vital in convincing both merchants to develop their mobile strategies and in making the average person in the street aware that they can use their device to make purchases.