New phone features 'baffle users'

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There’s been much published this week on this topic – I call it “application slickness” and it’s one of the keys to mass adoption of mobile commerce services. At Juniper Research we have recently published reports about new mobile commerce services such as mobile banking, mobile ticketing and mobile coupons. Users must be able to set up new applications and services quickly and easily so that they can get on with using them.

The topic has been high profile this week as a result of some consumer research recently commissioned in the US and the UK by Mformation, the leading provider of mobile device management (MDM) software.

I received an email from Mformation’s PR agency Spark Communications containing the headline results:

·         Two thirds of mobile users find setting up a new phone as frustrating as changing bank accounts, and those complex setup issues are preventing 45% of those questioned from upgrading to new, more sophisticated devices. 

·         61% of people have stopped using mobile applications such as mobile e-mail or instant messaging, because they cannot solve problems with them easily.

The Mformation research concluded that operators and handset manufacturers need to remove the barriers of complexity if they are to give users the best experience, and make the most of key revenue opportunities.

As a side note, this news release was picked up widely by the media and in fact figured prominently on the BBC site, in their Technology News pages.

As an analyst born and bred, I decided to check out the popularity of this story and I found that on Monday morning 19th January, this was the most read story right the way through to 11.00am until it was overtaken by a piece about Windows worm numbers skyrocketing.

It was in fact the second most read story for the day on the BBC site with the story about the UK banks bailout ranked fifth. Maybe this shows how importantly we rate our mobiles!