MEMS the word!

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Now, have you ever wondered what is enabling your iPhone to switch between landscape and portrait modes or why the little ball rolls to a side when you tilt your mobile phone while playing the game Labyrinth? Well, the answer is quite simple - inertial sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes are enabling this on your mobile devices as well as on other consumer electronic devices such as the Nintendo Wii. Let’s now dig in a bit deeper into the technology that is enabling these inertial sensors nowadays – MEMS aka Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems! Yes, MEMS is currently the technology that is enabling motion and gesture based actions on your mobile and other consumer devices. Now what are they exactly? In simple words, it is that tiny little sensor chip that lets you play Mario Kart on your Wii or lets you race around the track on an iPhone. For those techies out there, MEMS can be classified as small (ranging from 1-100μ) devices fabricated using micromachining technologies, that are embedded or integrated within different systems, assisting in both the control and functioning of these systems. MEMS is in a way responsible for reducing mobile devices to a much lighter and smaller - size and shape, but at the same time adding in more functionalities. MEMS have been extensively deployed and introduced not just in mobile devices (including smartphones, tablets, laptops & eReaders) and consumer electronics (such as game consoles, digital camera, inkjet printers, projectors & pressure checks) but also they are used in health/medical, automotive, aeronautics and other industrial applications. So, MEMS is definitely the way forward and as per our latest study into this market, we have forecasted that annual revenues generated by mobile MEMS devices, including sensors, audio, displays and RF will exceed $6 billion by 2016, as the mobile device market accelerates.