Mobile ticketing: the ticket's only the start!

POSTED BY Global Administrator
At the end of last week’s blog I mentioned that sporting teams and events and entertainment venues such as cinemas and theatres are actively pursuing the addition of mobile ticketing to their distribution channel strategy. But why should that be? After all, one of the aspects I for one enjoy about watching my favourite team (which shall remain nameless!) play is – yes you’ve got it – the paper ticket can become somewhat of a souvenir. It’s not just that either. Tickets for the average Premier League match here in the UK aren’t cheap. They roll in at £30 to £40 for a standard seat and more for better seats. So when you fork out for it, the paper ticket makes you feel like you have something tangible for the money. But there are downsides to paper tickets. The most obvious of these is of course that I could lose my precious ticket to the top of the table clash. Or spill my coffee on it. Or I might even forget it…well I could go on but you get the message. On the other hand a mobile ticket on my phone – well I don’t leave home without my phone for a start! Ever. Less paper equals less waste too. But for the ticketing scheme operator – like the sports team or the cinema – what’s in it for them? Well rather a lot I would suggest. One aspect is the ability to add privileges and value to the mobile ticket to attract people to use it and simultaneously benefit the ticketing operator too. An example could be queue or line busting. The mobile ticketholder could be allocated a special entrance for faster access. Bundle in a coupon or voucher for cheap or discounted drink and now you’re starting to look at an attractive package which could develop into further revenue opportunities. So as well as your cheap drink you might decide that as you’ve arrived at your seat early through the privileged access, you’ve got time for a cheeseburger! Everyone wins, and hopefully my team goes on to win as well!!