Mobile ticketing: Southwest Airlines launches iPhone App

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With the growth of smart phones and the mobile web, many companies - particularly in the transport industry - are launching ticketing solutions that are delivered by these routes also. Southwest Airlines for example has announced its first app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Customers can book reservations, check in, check flight status, view flight schedules, and download DING! to get discounted fares. Here's a screenshot:

At Juniper Research we see significant future growth for mobile tickets of all kinds across transport, sport and entertainment in future.

There are some compelling market drivers for the adoption of mobile tickets.

Not least of these is the opportunity for one to one personalised marketing. By sending a ticket to a mobile phone or smart phone, this opens up a channel of communication with the mobile phone user.

This channel can then be used for marketing that can raise awareness of a brand and enable cross-selling of other products and services. In the Southwest example here, you'll see you can make a hire car reservation. So it's a win - win really: marketing opportunities on the one hand and convenience for the user on the other.

There are many more benefits of mobile ticketing - too many in fact for this blogpost. Of course, there are challenges along the way, but from my recent research ticketing companies globally across not only transport but also sporting events and entertainment such as cinemas, theatres and concert venues are actively pursuing the addition of mobile channels alongside existing channels such as online and call centre.