LTE (Long Term Evolution) triggers Short Term Action!

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Yes, you’ve guessed it – my blog this week is about LTE. Well, after all, I had to follow the examples of my colleagues Windsor and Andrew, didn’t I?  I’ve lost track of the sheer number of announcements on this topic  - Verizon’s was a real highlight (they’ve even got an LTE Information Center!) but there were many more too, AND they are still happening – witness Telecom New Zealand.

Like a lot of these technology leaps, LTE is managing to make a lot of noise around the industry before the previous generation has really got hold in the market at large.

HSPA and its enhancements at the latest count have just exceeded 100m subscribers globally according to the GSMA. This sounds a lot and don’t get me wrong, it is a lot and it is a magnificent achievement - probably ahead of many peoples’ (and analysts’) expectations. But out of 4 billion mobile subscribers globally, it is precisely 2.5%!

My point is this: I’m positive about the propsects for LTE because it’s got a lot going for it including:

- an emerging ecosystem including the LSTI Forum, which this week announced important technical news showing positive LTE test results

- evolution path from 3G and so a natural choice for many operators following 3GPP specifications

- most of all – the need looks like it will be there with spiralling data traffic forecasts wherever you look – particularly in developed nations.