Web Standards Initiative Illustrates Communications Industry Direction of Travel

If you want a glimpse of where the communications industry is going, look no further than the latest alliances and standardisation initiatives. A few years ago web browser maker Mozilla would not have had much to do with the likes of Deutsche Telekom, LG, Qualcomm, Telefónica and ZTE.

However Mozilla is very much part of the latest initiative to create open standard with the Open Web Device Compliance Review Board (CRB). The CRB is designed to be an independently operated organization promoting open Web devices. In a nutshell the CRB is trying to create a common approach to device interfaces, allowing device manufacturers and carriers to get to market quicker, while reducing testing costs.

"Users want a wide selection of devices and great apps. Operators, device OEMs and vendors want to be able to develop and test quickly and independently, in order to get new products to market," said Andreas Gal, vice president of mobile at Mozilla and president of the CRB. "This is the next step in building the ecosystem.”

So what does the creation of the CRB tell us about the direction of the communications industry as a whole?

First it shows a commitment from a wide variety of players in creating open, standardised approaches to communications platforms; second, it demonstrates the increasing dominance of the mobile web within the broader Internet field; and third, it suggests that browser-based apps (as opposed to stand-alone ones) will become increasingly important in the world of the mobile web. At the moment apps and browsers are in two separate camps.

Above all, perhaps, it illustrates the amount of effort that is exerted, behind the scenes, to keep us all happy browsers (and app users, mCommerce buyers, mobile Navigators etc.)

Check out my next blog in a couple of weeks on another initiative, WEB RTC, that will also have an important on the development of the mobile and desktop Internet by allowing voice calls to be incorporated into any browser as a button.