Seasons Greetings and Safe Mobile Shopping Everyone!

POSTED BY Global Administrator
As we approach 2012, mobile devices including smartphones and tablets are all set to become a part of this festive season. Millions of users are expected to do their Christmas shopping via smartphones and tablets – meaning an attractive season for scams, malware attacks and mobile fraud. Even though the number of users accessing online shopping via mobile devices is increasing, the number of users having some kind of protection installed on their devices is alarmingly low. Our recent study on the same indicated that currently less than 1 in 20 smartphones and tablets have third party security software installed in them, despite a steady increase in threats from online scammers, malwares and viruses. Mobile security software is rapidly becoming as essential on a handheld as it is on a desktop or notebook computer. The increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets makes this particularly relevant as many users are now accustomed to accessing e-mails, websites and performing online transactions on the move, thereby storing more and more potentially sensitive data. For all those mobile shoppers, we have identified some key threats for you to look out, not just during this festive season but also in the future: •  Unsecure and unauthenticated WiFi or private networks, •  Spyware applications harvesting sensitive user data from unsecure websites, •  Web-based and e-mail based phishing attacks targeted mainly at smartphones, stealing banking or other sensitive user data, •  Infected apps and software available on different app stores. Even better, get a - mobile device security software installed on your device – they are available on your app stores from leading vendors. Happy shopping everyone!