Nokia’s new NFC phone

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This week has seen a big development for NFC in the shape of the launch of the Nokia 6216 classic. It is Nokia’s first SIM-based NFC device which enables operators to build NFC services on to the SIM card. The GSMA has welcomed the news, and at Juniper Research we also see a big future for NFC.

When you see it, at first sight maybe you’d say it looks pretty much like any other phone. As an analyst, however, I truly believe that we’re on the verge of a whole new world of ways to pay – but most phone users don’t know that yet.

The mobile wallet is the way to go. Imagine the new journey to work:

·         Park at the train station. No change for the parking machine? No problem – pay by NFC phone.

·         Rush to get your ticket. Long line at the booth? No problem – jump the queue and pay by NFC phone.

·         Overslept, skipped breakfast, forgot your wallet but in a hurry to catch the train? No problem – grab your coffee and bagel, jump the queue and pay by NFC phone.

·         Run to the office – gosh my access card is in my wallet, but my wallet’s at home. No problem. Hold your phone at the NFC reader at the office door and in you go!

Get ready folks – this is the future. But what’s holding it back you ask – “I want one”! Well, more new devices like Nokia’s will help, and I’m sure there are more in the pipeline.

Another factor is this.

Major retailers across the U.S. are installing contactless readers that can accept contactless payment and are integrated with POS (Point of Sale) systems. There are 21 contactless payments issuer financial institutions, and in excess of 80 merchants including Staples, KFC and Coca-Cola accepting contactless payments at over 50,000 locations. In Japan, contactless payments via FeliCa enabled phones are already commonplace.

Elsewhere? Well there are a number of pioneering NFC trials and services by companies such as O2, Logica, Mobilkom Austria and France is high profile with retail chains about to install NFC checkouts. Excellent news. But how about retail chains in other countries?