Remote Patient Monitoring: Over 115 Million Patients to Use RPM by 2027 Infographic

Remote Patient Monitoring: Over 115 Million Patients to Use RPM by 2027

Our latest market forecasts predict that the number of people using remote patient monitoring solutions will grow 67% over the next four years, from 75 million people in 2023 to over 115 million in 2027.

We anticipate that North America and Far East & China will account for the majority of remote patient monitoring users in 2027, owing to the high level of digitalisation and infrastructure present within these regions - these elements being vital to the successful rollout and integration of remote patient monitoring solutions such as cardiac monitoring devices and glucometers within established healthcare pathways.

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Our complimentary whitepaper, Remote Patient Monitoring: Three Key Trends in 2023, examines key trends within the remote patient monitoring sector, including the benefits these solutions bring to patients and providers, as well as the challenges they present.
“A new study from Juniper Research found that the total number of patients using RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) solutions will reach 115.5 million globally by 2027, equating to 1.4% of the total population. This is an increase from only 75 million in 2023. This growth of 67% is driven by greater pressure on healthcare systems, including clinical staff shortages and limited space within hospitals, driving the need for alternative healthcare solutions. RPM enables care to be moved outside of overstressed healthcare facilities; boosting healthcare providers’ efficiency.”
“Juniper Research’s Remote Patient Monitoring report provides a detailed evaluation of the market, including the adoption of remote patient monitoring within both developing markets and established markets. In addition, this report covers market opportunities; providing strategic insights into the technologies and key drivers that are pushing the space forward. This report analyses the role of 15 leading remote patient monitoring vendors across the market, evaluating them via the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard.”