OTT Business Messaging: Message Traffic to Grow 172% by 2027 Infographic

OTT Business Messaging: Message Traffic to Grow 172% by 2027

Although mobile messaging represents and established market, with the first SMS messaging being sent in 1992, OTT business messaging is an evolving and emerging market which provides a rich messaging solution to support emerging technologies and respond to the needs of brands and enterprises.

Juniper Research's latest research anticipates that the use of OTT business messaging will proliferate exponentially over the next four years, as enterprises look to adopt omnichannel communications as part of their online strategy. Moreover, as OTT messaging represents a no-to-low-cost alternative to operator-led messaging channels, such as SMS and RCS, Juniper Research recommends that operators must consider the monetisation of RCS messaging to provide a comparable rich messaging service and reduce the risk of damaged operator revenue, as enterprises look for a cheaper method to communicate with their customers.

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Our complimentary whitepaper, Evolving the Conversation with OTT Business Messaging, investigates the use of OTT business messaging across a range of use cases including CPaaS, conversational commerce, and omnichannel communications, as well as highlights the factors influencing the future development of the OTT business messaging market.
“A new study by Juniper Research has found that global OTT (Over the Top) business messaging traffic will rise from 93 billion in 2023, to 254 billion by 2027. This growth of 172% will be driven by increased availability of open OTT messaging APIs and competitive pricing models; creating a viable rich media alternative to established operator-led channels, such as SMS.”
“Juniper Research’s latest OTT (Over the Top) Business Messaging research offers a comprehensive insight into this evolving market, including regional and vertical analyses which outline future opportunities within the OTT business messaging space. This report provides tailored recommendations for CPaaS (Communications Platforms-as-a-Service) vendors and CSPs (Communication Service Providers), as well as 5-year forecasts for key market segments coupled with strategic analysis. It also includes a Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard, featuring an in-depth evaluation of 19 OTT business messaging vendors using a combination of quantitative and qualitative scoring criteria.”