What Verticals Will Drive Carrier Billing Spend in 2027? Infographic

What Verticals Will Drive Carrier Billing Spend in 2027?

Our latest carrier billing research predicts that carrier billing spend will reach $122 billion globally by 2027; driven by carrier billing's expansion beyond content and into physical goods and ticketing. This market-leading research, and the above infographic, assesses and ranks key carrier billing verticals by their respective spend in 2027:
  • Digital Games (34%)
  • Digital Videos (25%)
  • Physical Goods (21%)
  • Ticketing (7%)
  • Digital Music (6%)
  • Other (7%)
While digital games and video will account for almost 60% of global carrier billing spend by 2027, the report identified digital ticketing as the fastest-growing area – providing a key focus areas for carrier billing platforms and operators over the next four years.

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“Juniper Research’s new Carrier Billing research report presents an independent analysis of the future evolution of this key market. It provides a comprehensive study of the growth of the carrier billing market, key verticals it is used in, and emerging trends in both developed and developing markets. The report also positions 15 vendors via the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard; providing an invaluable resource for stakeholders seeking to understand the complex competitive landscape in the market.”