Chatbots: Market Summary & Key Takeaways Infographic

Chatbots: Market Summary & Key Takeaways

This infographic shows that the projected total cost savings from deploying Chatbots will reach 11 billion by 2023 with eCommerce spend on Chatbots set to explode from $1.7bn in 2018 to $16.2bn in 2023, and that hours saved on Customer Service as a result of Chatbot implementation will rise from 2.2 billion hours in 2020 to 27 billion hours in 2023, as reported by Juniper Research in our report, Chatbots: Banking, eCommerce, Retail & Healthcare 2018-2023.

It also shows that, by 2023: 51% of Chatbots are accessed using discrete apps; $112bn worth of sales will be spent through eCommerce via Chatbots; 72% of all chatbots will be retail related.

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