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Data & Forecasts

Data & Forecasts

Reliable, In-Depth & User Friendly

If data is your priority then look no further. In addition to in-depth reports and strategic level PowerPoints, we also offer comprehensive datasets covering all the major mobile and online markets. The datasets are an essential tool for anyone who requires a reliable source of market data, as they contain a much higher level of granularity than that found in the research reports. 

Our market sizing and forecast data offers a deep and granular insight into the size and shape of the digital market, providing a vast array of indicators . . . including growth rates, adoption rates, price points, users, geographical splits and sub-market breakdowns.


We generally forecast for a period of five or six years and, for new or embryonic markets where little data is available, we often include two or three market scenarios within the forecast. These usually map out a low, medium and high projection depending on specific developments or milestones occurring within the sector, along a fixed timeline.

Our data is available to purchase by individual topic or as part of a wider corporate subscription.

Interactive Excels and What-If Analysis

All of our forecasts are available in Excel format, with many excels offering an interactive functionality – allowing users to manipulate key data points by inputting their own assumptions or data.

This ability to perform a What-if Analysis on the data has enabled many of our clients to gain a much deeper understanding of their markets and the opportunities therein. The ability to compare adjacent markets side by side, or see the effect of different growth rates on an adoption curve, has proven highly popular.

Methodology, Assumptions & Commentary

Each interactive Excel (IFxl) is accompanied by a report explaining the methodology and assumptions used in the forecast suite. In addition, key charts and tables are presented with accompanying commentary and explanatory text. Many of the key take-aways are highlighted with the implications and impact discussed.

If you would like to become a Juniper client or would like further details of our forecasts and data offering please contact Jon King at: or call +44 1256 830001.  

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