The global pandemic being driven by the COVID-19 Coronavirus is having an enormous impact on every industry and sector worldwide. Our team of expert analysts are working hard to understand exactly what these impacts are likely to be across every market and sector that we cover.
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Free Reports & Advisory Notes

We are publishing a series of whitepapers and advisory notes exploring the impact of COVID-19 on various technology and communication sectors, which we are making free to download for all registered website users.

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Coronavirus: The Impact on Mobile Roaming for Operators

Assesses the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the travel industry and international roaming revenue. The whitepaper includes 9-month scenario-based forecasts for the total loss of operators’ international roaming revenue, split across 2 varying impact scenarios; medium and high impact.

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Coronavirus ~ How Will it Impact Digital Commerce?

Assesses how different sectors will be affected by the pandemic. It also includes a forecast summary for the total spend on Digital Commerce in 2020.

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Why Digital Strategies are Crucial for Ticketing Recovery

Examines the digital ticketing ecosystem and outlines strategic opportunities for stakeholders, in light of the future outlook for the space, as well as a forecast summary of digital ticketing transaction volumes.

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Coronavirus: The Impact on Consumer Device Supply Chains

Assesses the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on supply chains for device vendors over the next 9 months. The whitepaper includes 9-month scenario-based forecasts for the total revenue gap from device sales owing to the spread of the virus, split across 3 varying impact scenarios; low, medium, and high impact.

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Direct Carrier Billing: Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19

Provides strategic recommendations on how carrier billing vendors can mitigate the short-term impacts of the pandemic, in addition to the long-term impacts arising from the subsequent recession.




Sample survey reports
Sample survey reports

Data Updates

We regularly update our data and forecasts with the latest available information, and our forthcoming updates will be reflecting the latest information we have regarding the impact COVID-19 is having on the tech industry. These updates are available to subscribers through our quarterly updates, and in our online data platform, harvest.



Key Vertical Opportunities, Trends & Challenges 2019-2030

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Contactless Payments

Market Status, Vendor Analysis & Market Forecasts 2020-2024


Digital Money Transfer & Remittances

Domestic & International Markets 2019-2024

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Digital Wallets

Service Provider Analysis, Market Opportunities & Forecasts 2019-2024

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Mobile Financial Services in Emerging Markets

Monetisation Models & Market Forecasts 2019-2024


Mobile & Online Remote Payments for Digital & Physical Goods

Opportunities, Pain Points & Competition 2019-2024

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Mobile Payment Authentication & Data Security

Encryption, Tokenisation & Biometrics 2019-2024

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Online Payment Fraud

Emerging Threats, Segment Analysis & Market Forecasts 2020-2024

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POS Hardware & Software

Market Innovation, Vendor Analysis & Market Forecasts 2019-2024

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