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Consultancy & Analyst Support

We have a strong track record of providing reliable and credible support to our clients. Whether it be on an on-going basis or on a project by project, you can trust that Juniper Research will get the job done.


Our consultancy services cover our six core areas of expertise: Commerce & Fintech; Content & Applications; Devices & Wearables; Key Vertical Markets; Strategy & Competition; and Enabling Technologies. Most of our assignments centre around these areas and how they impact the key verticals.

By their very nature there are no two consultancy projects quite the same, but in general we tend to cover market related projects where we can leverage our knowledge and understanding and apply these to a client's particular set of requirements.

Typically, we work on the following types of areas:

Market Appraisals

Company and country appraisals; Market modelling; Market sizing & forecasting; Market surveys; Opportunity analysis; PEST analysis; Regulations reviews; Technology trend analysis.

Market Research & Analysis

Client interviewing and surveys; Data collection and analysis; Secondary research support; Tracking – companies, markets & products.

Product & Service Support

Pricing analysis; Product & service appraisals; Revenue modelling; Whitepaper production and promotion; Workshops for internal and external audiences.

Strategic Decision Support

Competitive analysis; Due diligence; Market entry strategy; Strategic planning support; SWOT analysis.