Contactless Payments Consumer Insights: US

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Our latest survey ‘Consumer Attitudes to Mobile Banking & Contactless Payments: US’ provides unique insights into consumer usage and attitudes, together with indications for the future adoption of services.

Samsung Pay Hits the US Market

POSTED BY Windsor Holden
Nearly 12 months after Apple entered the US contactless payments market with Apple Pay, Samsung has followed suite with the launch of Samsung Pay. The vendor is clearly hoping that its MST/NFC-based combination offering will appeal to a US market that is only now implementing EMV and moving from swiping the card to CHIP & PIN at the point of sale, and where terminals are only gradually deploying or activating contactless payment.

Apple Pay Hits the UK Market

POSTED BY Windsor Holden
NFC payments in the UK have received a long-awaited fillip in the form of the launch of Apple Pay. The July 14 launch, coming some 8 months after the service made its US debut, had a few predictable hiccups – there was considerable confusion about which cards and banks were accepting the service, and which retailers – but it is likely that the scale of UK activity should exceed that in the US, at least in the short term.

Carriers Poised to Exit US NFC Space as Google Eyes Softcard

POSTED BY Windsor Holden
After a brief reincarnation as Softcard, it appears that the NFC provider Formerly Known As ISIS (FKAI) is on the point of being jettisoned by its carrier owners and sold to Google.