Smartwatches Intensify Investments and Innovations in Healthcare

POSTED BY Morgane Kimmich
While health has always been intrinsically linked to technology, the influence of health wearables in the healthcare sector is growing exponentially. Trends are ranging from glucose monitoring, to speech therapy, seizure detection, posture aid and sleep monitoring, with heart monitoring being smartwatches’ most established health feature yet.

Integration, Flexibility and Transmutable Devices - The October 2015 Windows 10 Devices Event

POSTED BY James Moar
Following the release of Windows 10, with the promise of cross-device compatibility as well as apps that work on any Windows device (Universal Apps), the Windows 10 Devices event turned very Apple, in that it showcased devices built specifically for that software. At the same time, however, Microsoft is endeavouring to divorce the device from the data, making things as transferrable and flexible as it can.

Huawei P8 and B2 Talkband Review

POSTED BY James Moar
The P8 is a very good quality piece of Android hardware, which sells itself well as a premium media consumption device. It doesn’t have too much to offer to tempt you away from other premium Android devices, as the unique features aren’t particularly useful and the sound quality may not be something that is used too much (headphones render it moot). The default app layout is helpful to heavy Google users, but presents alternatives too.

Google to end sales of its Google Glass eyewear.

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Well, not entirely but just its current generation. Instead the company will focus on next-generation Glass, with a new team working on its development at Google, under current manager Ivy Ross. However, Google announced that it remained committed to launching the consumer version of Glass.