Physical Goods to Drive Subscription Economy Growth

POSTED BY James Moar
Despite the popularity of digital subscriptions, such as Netflix or Spotify, it is the physical goods market that will drive subscription economy growth. Indeed, a recent Juniper Research study found that consumer subscriptions for physical goods will grow from an expected $64 billion in 2020 to more than $263 billion in 2025.

Cloud Gaming: an Emerging Trend Within the Video Games Market

POSTED BY James Moar
Over recent years, developments in advanced cloud technology have turned the idea of cloud gaming from a potentially significant new model within the industry into a reality. Indeed, a new report from Juniper Research found that the video games industry will exceed $200 billion in value in 2023; growing from an expected $155 billion in 2020. And it will be mobile and cloud gaming to lead this growth, as the market shifts further towards recurring revenue, and purchase revenue declines by 5% over that period.

Seizing the Opportunity for Financial Inclusion: Mobile Merchant Payments

POSTED BY Lauren Foye
A key channel for future growth of mobile money services is their use for merchant payments. Through mobile money, customers are able to easily make payments for goods without the need for cash.

Ushering in the Era of Digital Health

POSTED BY Sam Barker
Juniper’s latest research into Digital Health has found that ageing populations mean more home-based care is needed. The corresponding digital health deliverable systems allow medical adherence or remote patient monitoring. Unhealthy lifestyles lead both to the increase in chronic diseases, but also create a need for targeted information and education.