Cloud Gaming: an Emerging Trend Within the Video Games Market

POSTED BY James Moar
Over recent years, developments in advanced cloud technology have turned the idea of cloud gaming from a potentially significant new model within the industry into a reality. Indeed, a new report from Juniper Research found that the video games industry will exceed $200 billion in value in 2023; growing from an expected $155 billion in 2020. And it will be mobile and cloud gaming to lead this growth, as the market shifts further towards recurring revenue, and purchase revenue declines by 5% over that period.

Integration, Flexibility and Transmutable Devices - The October 2015 Windows 10 Devices Event

POSTED BY James Moar
Following the release of Windows 10, with the promise of cross-device compatibility as well as apps that work on any Windows device (Universal Apps), the Windows 10 Devices event turned very Apple, in that it showcased devices built specifically for that software. At the same time, however, Microsoft is endeavouring to divorce the device from the data, making things as transferrable and flexible as it can.