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Chatbots hold the potential one day to replace the tasks of many human workers with AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs sophisticated enough to hold fluent conversations with human users. Juniper Research defines a chatbot as: ‘A computer program utilising technology designe...
24/07/2017 14:00:00
With the increasing demand for digital transformation, banks and other FIs (Financial Institutions) have been earlier adopters of smart technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Roboadvisors and Chatbots. The brutal industry competition, along with the appearanc...
28/01/2019 16:32:51
Following on from last week's post about the recent LTE World Summit in Amsterdam - I thought I'd share a little more - part 2 if you like. I hosted one of many breakfast briefing tables on Day 2. About 8 of us were there around the table - from different continents and differ...
28/05/2010 16:16:08
Historically, the insurance industry has been reluctant to change long established business models in the face of wider technological progress. However, the relationship between insurance and technology has changed more recently, as insurtech has huge potential to transfor...
08/10/2019 14:19:13
At a time when mobile TV in Europe is undergoing what might euphemistically be described as a period of retrenchment (with the honourable exception of activities in Norway) it is rather gratifying to see that services across the Atlantic appear to be faring rather better. S...
10/06/2009 17:28:08