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Saviour for Networks: Internet Subscription to Cable & ‘Skinny Bundles’

POSTED BY Lauren Foye

Juniper's recent research into the digital TV & video industry has discovered that TV networks are further expanding into online video, through new models and means of content delivery.


An App Centric Living Room

POSTED BY Lauren Foye
With the introduction of TV streaming devices, such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, which were initially designed to provide consumers with TV streaming applications, we have seen the integration of app stores which have allowed users to access other services. For example, games and lifestyle applications are now accessible from the majority of TV streaming boxes. This evolution has led to such devices being added to the segment of products termed ‘microconsoles’, generally a classification given to describe low cost (sub $200), Android-based devices which play games downloaded from an app store, such as Google Play.

A New Player Joins the Battle for Your Living Room

POSTED BY Lauren Foye
The past year has seen the TV industry witness a wealth new of new OTT (over-the-top) and VOD (video on demand) services launch, as well as some of TV’s more traditional players take the initiative in providing their content in this form too. With the ever growing trend towards tuning previously ‘dumb’ TVs connected via STBs (set-top boxes), Consoles, and streaming sticks, we have now seen NVIDIA make a concerted effort to also gain traction in this space...