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Huawei P8 and B2 Talkband Review

POSTED BY James Moar
The P8 is a very good quality piece of Android hardware, which sells itself well as a premium media consumption device. It doesn’t have too much to offer to tempt you away from other premium Android devices, as the unique features aren’t particularly useful and the sound quality may not be something that is used too much (headphones render it moot). The default app layout is helpful to heavy Google users, but presents alternatives too.

Huawei to Adopt a Touchy-Feely Brand Strategy as it Goes Premium

POSTED BY James Moar
For many years a white-box OEM and network infrastructure player, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is taking bigger steps towards own-brand smartphone sales in European and North American markets in the coming year. The company is rolling out the new premium-positioned Huawei P8 in concert with a dual-channel strategy (online and MNO-distributed) for Huawei itself and the Honor sub-brand.