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Smarter Street Lighting

POSTED BY Steffen Sorrell
Street lighting is undoubtedly one of the pain points for cities, and it comes at a high price. Traditional lighting fixtures, using HPS (high pressure sodium) or LPS (low pressure sodium) lamps are inefficient, produce an unpleasant colour cast while simultaneously containing chemicals toxic to the environment.

The Interface to the Smart Home is Not Your phone

POSTED BY Steffen Sorrell
Now that the colder months are approaching for us Northern hemisphere dwellers, the central heating ads have started showing on TV. Not unexpectedly, British Gas is plugging their connected thermostat system, Hive. What was surprising to me was the fact that, in 2 years, nothing has changed with regards to the sales pitch: it’s still a thermostat controlled by your phone

Google to end sales of its Google Glass eyewear.

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Well, not entirely but just its current generation. Instead the company will focus on next-generation Glass, with a new team working on its development at Google, under current manager Ivy Ross. However, Google announced that it remained committed to launching the consumer version of Glass.