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September 2015


Samsung Pay Hits the US Market

POSTED BY Windsor Holden
Nearly 12 months after Apple entered the US contactless payments market with Apple Pay, Samsung has followed suite with the launch of Samsung Pay. The vendor is clearly hoping that its MST/NFC-based combination offering will appeal to a US market that is only now implementing EMV and moving from swiping the card to CHIP & PIN at the point of sale, and where terminals are only gradually deploying or activating contactless payment.

Are Virtual Reality Movies the Next Big Thing?

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Juniper has identified 2016 as the watershed year for VR (virtual reality) headsets, in terms of product launches and consumer roll outs. The recent attention to and investment into VR is helping to revitalise the industry, so with major brand commercial launches imminent there is huge potential for rapid market expansion.

An App Centric Living Room

With the introduction of TV streaming devices, such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, which were initially designed to provide consumers with TV streaming applications, we have seen the integration of app stores which have allowed users to access other services. For example, games and lifestyle applications are now accessible from the majority of TV streaming boxes. This evolution has led to such devices being added to the segment of products termed ‘microconsoles’, generally a classification given to describe low cost (sub $200), Android-based devices which play games downloaded from an app store, such as Google Play.

Qualcomm’s Silicon Answer to Putting a Sock in Malware

POSTED BY Steffen Sorrell
With Juniper forecasting an Internet-connected unit install base of 38.5 billion by 2020, it is of little wonder that security is seen as a huge challenge.