AT&T raises the bar in femtocell marketing

POSTED BY Global Administrator
A few weeks ago, I blogged about the marketing opportunity for femtocells. AT&T's new Microcell has just been launched. Actually, before someone corrects me, I should say "3G Microcell" - the first one in the USA. This is a really good example of marketing that focuses on the benefits to the user. But my first comment is that I couldn't find the word "femtocell" on the service page. Now this is a good thing - right? After all to the average user, "femto" probably doesn't mean that much. But "micro"...well that's clear. So I still think that we don't really want "femtocell" to become a household name. Going back to the benefits: increased signal strength (similar to the Vodafone Access Gateway), but also 3G data speed (aha), home office, and, wait for it, unlimited talk time. So AT&T has gone for a new service package offer as well as the improved service benefits - way to go! But what did I find most interesting? When you go the AT&T page you see a picture of the box. But only at the start: watch the videos and it isn't shown at all. The promotion is all about the use cases around the home - 4 or 5 bars (no need to lean out of the window), talk time, data speed and so on. You don't actually SEE the Microcell box, but, I'll tell you, by the end of the videos you definitely want one!