As RIM announces QNX OS and Playbook, news spotlight falls on Nokia

POSTED BY Global Administrator

Recent announcements from handset manufacturers in the last week or so put the spotlight firmly on Nokia. RIM's announcements of its tablet device, PlayBook, and the  launch of its new operating system, QNX, both highlight Nokia's relative silence on new devices and the deployment of Meego-based phones.

But the news is worst for Symbian, the open source operating system project backed by Nokia. Samsung is ditching Symbian in favour of Android, Windows Phone 7 and its own Bada operating system. Sony Ericsson, meanwhile, simply says that it will not be making Symbian devices from now on. Staunch Symbian supporter Nokia is about to launch the N8, based on Symbian 3.

Developments at Nokia's rivals are mainly driven by one thing- the phenomenal success of Android, which was launched at more or less the same time as Nokia announced the Symbian Foundation, but which has taken both the smartphone and the tablet market by storm.

Rightly or wrongly, one starts to wonder if Symbian can keep up with the latest release of Android and Apple's iOS4.  We are also left wondering whether the N8 would have been developed using Symbian if Meego were ready, and what role Symbian will eventually play in the market.

After all, with Android adopted across the board by Samsung, it looks as if Samsung may be deploying a superior operating system to Symbian in the mid-tier market than Nokia is deploying in the top-tier smarphone market, or am I being unfair...