Mobile payments -- going places....

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...well specifically Telecom Italia and Starbucks have grabbed the headlines over recent days. Starting in 2010, Telecom Italia customers will be able to use their mobiles equipped with new SIM cards to buy tickets for public transport and trains, pay for parking, purchase ski passes, and other transactions via an app from their mobiles.  And, if you're a Starbucks customer in Seattle, WA, Cupertino, CA and Mountain View, CA, why not pay for your mocha with your iPhone app? Here at Juniper Research, we've been strong advocates of the potential of mobile payments for some time, so these developments are in a sense just what we'd expect to see.  But does the story stop at payments? Absolutely not. Recently we confirmed our view of the promise of NFC. Actually, we see the potential for mobile marketing more widely with coupons and promotions resident on the one thing we never leave home without - our phone - as we shop. Cool huh?