Ericsson M2M contract wins- the long March towards 50 billion devices …

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Ericsson has been upbeat on the M2M market for a year or two, and is quite well known (in some circles, at least) for its prediction that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020.  Two recent customer wins demonstrate that the Swedish equipment manufacturer is stepping up its presence in the M2M area and should therefore be responsible for at least some of these connected devices. (Few players in the industry are quite so bullish as Ericsson, so the more it can manage the better). Russia’s Megafon and Sweden’s TeliaSonera will use cloud-based infrastructure from Ericsson to support M2M initiatives. The Megafon/ Ericsson partnership will be directed at enterprises, with Ericsson providing support with consultancy and research. Meanwhile TeliaSonera’s machine to machine effort, TeliaSonera Global M2M Services- will run on a new platform from Ericsson. The aim is to create the infrastructure for massive reach both in terms of the industries it covers and geographical reach in Northern Europe. Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform will be offered as a service to TeliaSonera by Ericsson as the strategic lynch-pin in TeliaSonera’s M2M strategy. These announcements follow initiatives from several carriers including Vodafone and Telefonica in the last 18 months which are designed to crack the M2M market by focussing on what is really needed in the M2M environment, that is, the ability to activate and manage devices without incurring significant cost. Appreciating the unique challenges that M2M holds has led a host of players in the M2M industry- from module vendors to operators- to create the (API) application programming interfaces that really bring value to M2M. M2M, after all, is as much about creating value from the information that connected devices feed back (to humans and other machines) as connecting them in the first place.