Samsung Leads the Smartphone Market, But for How Long?

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Take nothing away from Samsung: with a 219% year-on-year shipment growth and higher volumes than any other vendor for the first time, the Korean giant can take a moment to celebrate being number one in the smartphone market. Apple will tell you though: this is only one quarter (and the quarter before a new iPhone is about to be launched).


With 4 million iPhones sold in the first three days, and the holiday season ahead, Apple could re-take the lead come the next set of results. Apple’s results were certainly nothing to scoff at either – up 3 million year-on-year (and against a quarter in 2010 when the iPhone 4 was launched). Samsung is certainly not backing down though: the Galaxy Note – with a 5.3” display – is an interesting prospect, particularly given the interest in tablets with larger displays.

An honourable mention goes to HTC though, which doubled its shipments year-on-year and is now number four in the smartphone market, behind the recovering Nokia. So, with Windows Phone 7 providing a shot in the arm for the Finnish vendor, the top five are going to continue trading places in the near future. RIM also continues to re-evaluate its product strategy, introducing more touchscreen-orientated designs in an effort to bolster its position. Likewise, Sony Ericsson shipped over 8 million of its XPERIA range as it nears a complete transition to dedicated smartphone vendor.

So, with three different leaders in the last three quarters, and many other serious contenders, watch this space for the Q4 results in the new year...