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LTE – Already Gaining Ground…

POSTED BY Global Administrator
I have already written about LTE and LTE Advanced in my previous couple of blogs, and specifically about its prospects within the US market, as there have recently been a number of announcements made by operators including AT&T and Sprint regarding their plans for deployment. Last Monday, Verizon came to the forefront with an announcement that it is rolling out its 4G LTE network in a further two markets - Dover and Delaware - in December. Verizon’s LTE network is already available in 179 markets in the US and supports 16 LTE enabled devices. This continued expansion - and attendant deployment announcements - from these US operators comes as no surprise to us - our recent research suggested that North America along with Western Europe will be the most advanced region globally for LTE mobile broadband users over the next five years. Globally, we have forecast a rapid uptake of LTE mobile broadband technology in the next five years but with a very limited global reach. LTE subscriber levels are expected to reach almost 430m by 2016 but will only reach 6% of the global subscriber population. However, within developed markets, as competition amongst operators intensifies, the availability of a fairly wide selection of LTE-enabled devices could well become a deciding factor. Operators need to avoid the UMTS fiasco which occurred in several markets, where there was a two to  three year hiatus when there was a 3G network but a paucity of devices. Since last year, the number of  LTE- enabled devices has grown steadily and we believe that the range and variety of devices that can be connected in the future will be extended further. Consequently, as we observe in our new report on 4G LTE Opportunities, LTE smartphones and tablets will dominate the device market, accounting for 50% of the total LTE subscribers by 2016. Our ‘LTE - The Next Generation’ whitepaper is now available to download from here…