Wave and Save ~ Mobile Coupon Redemption Value to Approach $6bn Globally by 2014

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Our new mobile coupons and NFC smart posters report which is published globally today forecasts that by 2014 more than one mobile subscriber in ten in developed regions will use mobile coupons, with consumer usage of mobile coupons generating close to $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by 2014.

The new report - ‘Mobile Coupons & NFC Smart Posters: Strategies, Applications & Forecasts 2009-2014’ cautions that user apathy amongst the wider public, as well as lack of willingness to change and learn a new method of making financial transactions are potential stumbling blocks. This is despite NFC trial results which show very high levels of user acceptance.

“Marketers can use the mobile device as the ultimate personal marketing channel. It is almost permanently switched on and physically with the consumer. This makes a great opportunity for brands and marketing agencies to access clients immediately, driving footfall and encouraging an instant decision,” explained Howard Wilcox, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research and lead report author.

Smart posters with embedded NFC tags will bring to life static billboards, creating immediate interaction between potential customers and their prospective purchases. By simply passing their device close to the tag, users can take away a coupon or product information that can result in purchase decisions.

Please click here to download the mobile coupons whitepaper and for more information on the report you can contact me directly at john.levett@juniperresearch.com