Google makes coupons mobile in time for Black Friday

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If Google enters a space, you have to take notice - right?! Timed to perfection too, as today is Black Friday (by the way the day after Thanksgiving is often the single busiest shopping day of the holiday season). Reading Lat Long's blog, Google is linking mobile coupons into its mapping capabilities - it all makes so much sense.

Google is far from being alone in this area of course -there have been a number of new entrants recently, with apps the order of the day. Names like mobiQuons and Coupon Sherpa spring to mind.

Here's the screen the user sees:

317 billion paper coupons were issued in the US in 2008, so there's plenty of potential for the mobile channel.
With mobile coupons, brands and marketing agencies can access potential and existing clients immediately, and gain an immediate decision. Mobile coupons will play an increasingly important role in extending marketing and advertising to the mobile phone - watch this space.