Coupons, coupons everywhere

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Recently bCODE launched the world`s largest mobile couponing redemption network. Through the use of bCODE's SMS-based secure scanning mobile wallet platform, Sprint mobile customers can now receive special concession stand savings via mobile couponing in 500 participating movie theatres in Screenvision`s nationwide network. In 2010 coverage will expand to 900 theatres. This is just an indication of the action in the mobile coupons market right now. So what's happening? I guess the major development over the last year has been apps for coupons. Like Yowza. Mobile coupons make so much sense, when you think about it. Firstly they're green. Secondly they can be personalised - after all why would I redeem a coupon for coffee if I'm not a coffee drinker?? Thirdly, as a result, they offer vastly improved redemption rates. There are plenty of further reasons, but you get the message. But it's not only the USA that is cottoning on to mobile coupons - in fact our research survey this week showed that mobile coupons are popular in the UK too. More than 3 million of us Brits have redeemed them, and the survey confirmed a 6 fold increase in redemption rates compared to regular paper "everyone gets everything" coupons. The survey actually delivered lots of valuable statistics for anyone targeting the UK market by the way. More and more brands are now using mobile marketing campaigns and coupons on your phone are here to stay!