Sprint Making Great Strides in Green Mobile

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One of many interesting contributors to our latest Green Handsets & Tablets report was US carrier Sprint. Lead by the ‘green-hearted’ CEO Dan Hesse, the MNO is championing the environment in a number of ways across its business. Green handsets – which Juniper defines as those with at least 50% recyclable materials and free of certain hazardous chemicals – are just one part of its strategy. Sprint has been marketing eco-friendly handsets for a number of years, one of the latest of which is the LG Viper. While you might expect an eco handset to mean featurephone, you’d be wrong: the Viper is a 4G LTE Android smartphone with a 4.0-inch display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 5MP rear and VGA front camera. With Samsung, another leading manufacturer (also interviewed in our report), also marketing an eco-friendly Android smartphone, that’s why we’re forecasting that nearly 400 million green handsets will be shipped by 2017 – the majority of which will be smartphones. Another green string to Sprint’s bow is its ‘world-class’ Buyback programme. While there are many, many mobile phone recycling programs, Sprint places an emphasis on re-use first and foremost. Our case study in the report analyses the carrier’s strategy in more detail, and this is one which all mobile network operators should be reading. Sprint has set itself challenging targets in this respect, and according to the data they shared with us, the company is well on-track to meet them. Beyond green and recycled handset shipments, the forecasts in Juniper’s Green Handsets & Tablets report extend to the full life-cycle of mobile devices, including scenario-based projections for greenhouse gas emissions at various stages of the life of these products. We believe this is essential reading for everyone in the value chain…