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March 2017


Smartwatches Get a Luxury Brand Makeover at Baselworld 2017

POSTED BY James Moar
Baselworld 2017 is here, and it’s becoming more and more a smartwatch showcase, as more vendors offer up a multitude of smartwatches, from full-blown Android Wear devices to hybrid smartwatches, which apply minimal smarts to the watch itself, while maintaining traditional watch functionalities. We’re seeing more hybrid smartwatches arrive from Fossil, alongside new offerings from Fossil, TAG Heuer, and Guess, and new entrants Diesel and Gc. Michael Kors, already in the space, is pivoting to make all its watches have some degree of smart capability.

PC Revival: F2P Drives the Digital Games Market

Juniper believes that whilst the F2P market has seen growth over the past few years, opportunity exists for a continued expansion in the eSports sector, with MOBA (Multiplayer Online battle Arena) games in particular offering a popular format for competitive play.

The Key to Smart Home Success is Innovation

POSTED BY Sam Barker
Due to the fragmented nature of the Smart Home market, innovation will play a key role in a success of start-ups, rather than agility. The ‘Big 4’ platform providers, Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung will continue to have a monopoly on the market, therefore any successful new entrants into the market will be those who integrate themselves into a wider offering from the bigger players.